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About Burnsville Motors Sales & Service

Their Way
The Burnsville Motors Way

Negotiate Price
Their goal is to get you to pay the highest possible price, no matter how long the wait or how many hoops a person goes through.


No Negotiations… Best Price
No games, no hassle – instead of the back and forth negotiating we keep it nice and simple with one low price.

No Vehicle Inspections
Many dealers throw their vehicles out for sale without doing an inspection of any kind, leaving all the guesswork up to the new buyer.


Fully Certified Vehicle Inspections
We take all the guesswork out of the vehicle.  We do a full inspection on all of our vehicles.  Any safety items that need repair are fixed.  To take even more of the guesswork out of the equation an Auto Check report is available on all vehicles.

Owner isn’t Available
The owner is on vacation, again.


Owners on Site Daily
Jeff and Frank are here everyday.

Commissioned Sales Staff
The salesperson has one goal in mind… A large commission!  This equals the highest selling price possible.


Salaried Sales Staff
Our sales team gets paid per car sold.  We believe in building relationships and want to sell numerous vehicles to the same person over the course of years.  Nobody here is interested in getting rich over night.

High Overhead = High Prices
Most dealers have large buildings, lots of employees, expensive advertising campaigns, oh yeah, and high prices.


Low Overhead = Low Prices
What more is there to say!

Difficult Finance Process
After dealing with the sale consultant(s) and sales manager, next comes the finance manager.  Yup, they need to make money too.


Easy and Quick Financing Options
Our sales consultants are also the finance managers.  After the right vehicle is found, they also have the responsibility to find the best rate and terms available on a new loan.

High Prices = Low Volume
Most dealers/sales consultants believe in a high profit for each vehicle they sell, this correlates to a low number of sales and a stagnant inventory.


Low Prices = High Volume
We believe in a fresh inventory, the sooner we can sell a vehicle the faster we can replace it.  The only way to do that is to put a fair price on all of our vehicles.