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Welcome to Burnsville Motors Service Center

- Home of the -   $12.99  - Oil Changes*

Services:                    Click Here to Schedule Appointment Oil Changes                                              SES - Check Engine Lights Brake Repair                                                  Engine Repair & Leaks Tires & Wheel Alignment               Transmission/4x4 Services Batteries, Starting & Charging  Electrical/Engine Diagnosis A/C, Cooling & Heating                      Steering & Suspension Tune-ups & Maintenance     Exhaust & Mufflers Belts – Fluids – Filters – Bulbs – Wipers – Everything Else!

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- “We Treat You Like Family!”    


Burnsville Motors Service Center is YOUR local car repair garage servicing Burnsville and the surrounding metro area. Our trained mechanics are ASE certified with decades of experience servicing all makes and models including domestic as well as European and Asian imports. Our repair shop is equipped with all up-to-date computer diagnostic equipment, so we are able to properly diagnose and fix your vehicle correctly the first time. This will save you time and money on your car repairs! When it comes to vehicle maintenance, thanks to our competitively low prices we can match or beat our competitor’s coupons.  But most importantly, we are proud of our high level of customer service and trusted relationships with our guests.


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We’re here when you need us. Our convenient hours and same day service will get you back on the road in no time.

No appointment needed to take advantage of our express oil change maintenance and auto tune-up services.

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We offer free shuttle service and loaner vehicles while your car is in the shop!

We stand by our work with a 24 month or 24,000 mile nationwide parts and labor warranty. Many of our parts come with parts manufacturer guarantees as well as through our Tech-Net partnership. - Oil Changes –


Home of the

$12.99 Oil Change*

Our loyal customers who purchase their vehicle from us receive their oil changes for ALL OF THEIR VEHICLES for only $12.99. See manager for details!

Text Box: 5,000 Miles


Changing your engine oil and filter routinely is one of the most important and inexpensive ways to keep your car running in top notch condition and to avoid future costly inconvenient repairs. Your engine oil acts as a lubricant and also cools your internal engine components. Changing your oil will reduce carbon buildup and prevent oil sludge from clogging your engine's internal passages which causes damage and premature wear.

Included Free with your oil change:

  • 22 Point Vehicle Inspection

  • Fill Washer Fluid                    

  • Check Belts and Hoses

  • Check Brake Fluid

  • Check Power Steering Fluid   

  • Check Transmission Fluid

  • Check Coolant

  • Check Tire Pressure

  • Check Air & Cabin Filter

  • Free Battery Test

Oil Change Coupon Loyalty Program – BUY 4 regular priced oil changes 5th FREE!*

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Purchase 4th regular price oil changes

And the 5th is Free - Tires & Wheel Alignments –

Tire Rotation - $10.00

Get the longest life out of your tires and prevent premature and uneven tire wear. The perfect time to rotate your tires is when your car is already in the shop for an oil change!

FREE ROTATES FOR LIFE – When you purchase 4 tires & alignment!* 


Huge Tire Selection

We are partnered with one of the largest tire vendors in the Twin Cities, meaning we are able to offer a wide selection of the most popular tire brands at discounted prices. Your tire selection is very important to ride quality as well as traction and handling in poor weather or emergency situations. With our expertise we will find you the tire that best suits your driving habits as well as your budget.

Installation only $15.00 per tire plus taxes and fees.

Watch for manufacturer rebates and tire sale announcements on our Facebook & Google+ pages. - Brakes & Brake Repairs & Replacement-             

Warning signs it may be time for new brakes: Squeaking – Shaking - Grinding – Pulsation – When coming to a stop or braking at highway speeds. Brake or ABS warning lights illuminated on dash or spongy/soft brake pedal. If you’re experiencing any of these issues schedule an appointment today. (link)   


Brake Inspection $19.95

There’s more to your brakes than just pads and rotors. Our mechanics will not only inspect your vehicle's brake pads and rotors – we will inspect your entire braking system. This includes the vehicle’s brake calipers, caliper slide pins, master and slave cylinders, ABS components, brake lines, brake power booster, and the disc or drums assemblies.

Once inspected, we offer same day brake repair using only trusted quality components that will be installed by our ASE certified mechanics.  - Service Engine Soon = Check Engine Light -

Warning signs: Service Engine (SES) / Check Engine Soon light is on or flashing, Knocking noise at start up when cold or when hot under a load, lean or mis-fire codes, bogging or dying when coming to a stop or pressing the gas pedal, and many many more….

Yes that annoying light can come on for what seems like thousands of different reasons….anything from a loose gas cap causing an EVAP leak or a serious problem like transmission slippage. Don’t worry, our shop has all the necessary scan-tool diagnostic equipment along with the resource and technological knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair whatever the issue might be, even if it is just clicking the gas cap closed for you!

If your check engine light is flashing – this indicates a serious and potentially harmful situation to additional vehicle components. Your vehicle may experience a cylinder misfire, bogging down upon acceleration, or even the vehicle stalling when coming to a stop. It is recommended that you stop driving the vehicle immediately and call or click here to schedule an appointment right away. - A/C Cooling & Heating -

Warning signs: Temperature gauge rises into the red zone, steam or smoke coming from the engine or under the hood, a sweet burning smell when the heat is on, windshield fogging up on the inside, no cold or hot air from the vents when air conditioning (A/C) or heat is on, engine is overheating, and many other symptoms.

With Minnesota’s extremely cold and harsh winters and of course our wonderful hot and humid summers, the weather is tough on your vehicle but also on you. Staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter is not only important for your comfort but also the health of your vehicle. So if your air conditioning or heat is not working properly or as well as it used to, why suffer? Come to the experts you trust to fix your car right and at a great price!

A/C Inspection

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system can be an expensive system to repair. We make it affordable and easy to figure out what you need to get back on the road driving in comfort once again. Our basic inspection is a visual check for signs of leaks from A/C lines, condenser, compressor, receiver dyer, or damaged A/C components. Often this is all you will need, but sometimes further diagnosis is required. Once the problem is identified, our ASE certified technicians will remove and replace the damaged components and evacuate and recharge your A/C system.

Schedule your A/C Service Appointment Now

Heating & Cooling System

If you’re already using Burnsville Motors for your oil changes and routine maintenance, we will inform you of leaks before they risk causing inconvenient and costly repairs. If you are a new customer or acquire a different vehicle and suspect your vehicle may have a leak or other cooling system issue, our mechanics will quickly diagnose and fix the issue as affordably as possible. - Tune-ups & Maintenance


Warning signs your vehicle may be overdue for its scheduled manufacturer maintenance items: SES light is on, car starts rough or will not start when it’s cold outside, engine is misfiring, transmission slips or will not shift into gear, and of course before you have problems just follow your recommended scheduled maintenance items in your owner’s manual based on the number of years or miles on your vehicle.

Besides engine oil, there are several other vital fluids that must be replaced after time and use to help prevent costly, inconvenient breakdowns. These fluids are critical to the operation and longevity of your vehicle. Remember, it is always cheaper and easier to prevent than to repair! 

The most common scheduled maintenance items include: spark plugs & wires, timing belts & water pump, serpentine and A/C belt replacements, fluid replacements including coolant flush, fuel system clean/flush, brake fluid flush, transmission fluid flush, replacement of front and rear differential fluids, intake and exhaust valve timing.


Extend the life of your vehicle and prevent premature wear and tear:

Premium Transmission Fluid Flush Service & Premium Coolant Flush Service


Don’t worry, whatever your needs are our experienced mechanics will test and recommend maintenance items only when they really do need to be done in order to save you money and time in the future.  - Batteries, Starting & Charging System


We’ve all been there… it’s January and bitter cold, and you try to start your vehicle but instead it makes an angry chugging/whining noise then click-click-click…. Your battery is dead.  Whether it’s as simple as replacing a battery or it requires advanced diagnostics to determine a wiring or electrical issue, our mechanics will diagnose and replace your Starter Motor, Alternator, Ignition Control Module (ICM) Fusible Link, Ignition/Starter Switch, MAF MAP Sensors, and the list goes on. You will save time and money on repairs at Burnsville Motors Service Center with our experienced auto technicians.

When should you get your battery tested? In Minnesota it’s a good idea to test your battery at least twice per year, since our harsh cold winters and hot summers wreak havoc on batteries. Another great time to check your battery is when you are getting your oil changed. A battery test only takes a few minutes to perform, it’s free, and can end up saving you from an expensive and inconvenient tow bill.

If your battery is over 2 years old,

 Or you don’t know how old your battery is…

Schedule an Appointment or ask at your next oil change.  - Steering & Suspension


Warning signs about your suspension or steering system: Clunks, squeaks, rattles, popping, knocking, and/or shaking over bumps or while turning, steering wheel feels loose, drifting, pulling from side to side, or a high pitched whine at start up or when it’s cold outside, dark fluid leaking on ground, excessive bouncing when coming to a stop, etc…..

No matter what you are hearing or feeling while driving your vehicle, we will quickly find its problem and of course get it fixed up and back on the road - correctly the first time! Worn suspension components can compromise the vehicle’s handling and reaction time in emergency evasive driving situations. This lack of control can multiply in bad weather conditions such as snow, ice or heavy rain.

We service and repair: Struts, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Links & Bushings, Upper & Lower Control Arms & Bushings, Shocks, Trailing Arms & Bushings, Complete Strut Assemblies, Leaf Springs, and everything in-between.


Worn or loose steering components can present a safety concern. Inner & Outer Tie Rod Ends will wear and loosen over time, especially with our wonderful Minnesota pot-hole riddled roads. As these and other components wear out, your vehicle will experience a loss of handling and control. With power steering systems that are hydraulic fluid systems, leaks are a common issue over time due to worn gaskets or dried out hoses. A loss of fluid can cause a whine or grinding noise usually at start or when making low speed turns. If fluid drops below a certain level the driver will experience a loss of power steering making the steering wheel difficult to turn. Many newer vehicles have electronic power steering. Unlike a traditional hydraulic fluid system, electrical power steering often gives no warning signs before failure other than perhaps an SES "check engine soon" light.

We service and repair: Everything including the steering wheel, steering column, intermediate shaft, power steering gear (rack and pinon), inner & outer tie rod ends, steering knuckle, power steering assist motor, etc…


With many steering or suspension repairs, an alignment maybe recommended or even required.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend scheduling an appointment today! - Engine Repair & Leaks - Transmission Repair - Electrical Diagnosis - Exhaust & Mufflers Belts – Hoses – Filters – Bulbs – Wipers – Everything Else…

***** Under Construction – More coming soon! *****